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 The world's largest city above the Arctic circle - Murmansk October 4, 2016 - 100 years!!!

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Teriberka - fishing village

It's a village on the shore of the river Teribirka in the Kola district of the Murmansk area.

The first mentions of Teribirka camp, approximately, belong to the year 1523.

Whole day excursion

Township is located about 120 kilometers from Murmansk. Departure from Murmansk at 10: 00 a.m. course of time - 3 hours, return to Murmansk at 20: 00 hours.

During the excursion you will know many interesting things about Teribirka camps and will see a present settlement.

 Excursion charges included:

- Transport services;

- Excursion services;

- Piloting;

- Township sightseeing tour;

- Visit to fish-processing factory;

- Visit to local recreation center;

- Lunch;

- Insurance from an accident.


- Surely take your cameras and warm things!

- We may organize individual excursions.

- Boating.

- Excursion can be united with a hike on a waterfall.