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 The world's largest city above the Arctic circle - Murmansk October 4, 2016 - 100 years!!!

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Tales of Murman

Quest - excursion of Murmansk and its suburb.

The land of Kola possesses some inexplicable magic powers, it is felt in everything: in hills, lakes, forests and seas. This sorcery is in native fairy-tales and legends, its - in people inhabiting in Murmansk.

Here you can be acquainted with fairy-tale creatures residing in the peninsula of Kola and nearby territories (Finland and Norway).

Fairy-tale creatures of our land are Gnomes, Chakhkli, Trolls, Tshakkalachaky, Devil, and Spirit of Mother-earth. You can know much interesting things during our excursion about them and other habitants.

Excursion charges include:

- Transport service

- Tour service

- Piloting

- Insurance against accidents


- Don't forget your cameras

- Following excursion is ordered a week before

- Excursion longs for 3 hours