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 The world's largest city above the Arctic circle - Murmansk October 4, 2016 - 100 years!!!

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Liinakhamari - flower of stone

Liinahamari is a township in Pechenga district of the Murmansk area, port in the bay of Pechenga.

It's a whole day excursion.

In connection with ratification(in February-March of 2011) of agreement between Russian Federation and Norway about differentiation of marine spaces, collaboration in the Barents sea and Arctic ocean, signed by parties 15.09.2010, there were new political and economical realities and in the northern region, dictating the necessity of defense the interests Russian Federation.

In new terms the special strategic value for development is acquired by a realized project of a 21 area of Murmansk marine port in Liinahamari.

Excursion cost included:

- Transport services;

- Excursion services;

- Piloting;

- Registration for admissions;

- Insurance from an accident.