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 The world's largest city above the Arctic circle - Murmansk October 4, 2016 - 100 years!!!

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Kovdor - star in the constellation of Cancer

Kovdor city is located in Murmansk oblast of Russia. It is situated of the bank of Lake Kovdor.

It's a whole-day excursion.

During the excursion, you will come closer to the history of this city, its tourist attractions and remarkable places.

Departure from Murmansk at 9 a.m., arrival to Murmansk at 12 p.m.

Basic themes of excursion:

"Geology and survey of deposits of Kovdor"

"Minerals & ore of composite deposits of Kovdor"

"Enterprises & industries of Kovdor"

"Minerals of peninsula of Kola"

"Iron-ore deposits of Kovdor"

Trip charges include:

- Transport services;

- Excursion services;

- Piloting;

- Entrance ticket to museum;

- Lunch and Dinner;

- Insurance from an accident.