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 The world's largest city above the Arctic circle - Murmansk October 4, 2016 - 100 years!!!

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Historic Murmansk

 Walking tour through the historic center of Murmansk


Do not see the guest of the window,
  From the height of the seventh floor,
  As a kid in the morning for cloudberries
  In the current prospectus fled.

K. Tyulyapin

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The duration of 1.5 hours.

During the tour, you will hear the story of Murmansk.
Pass on the very first area of ​​the city, which became a public garden and see the monuments which it contains.
Visit the place where the October 4, 1916 was laid the temple of Nicholas of Myra, and the date of birth was determined by the city.
Take a walk through the main square and the oldest part of the main avenue. During the walk you will be able to welcome the monuments of historical personalities and outstanding fish - cod.
You will see the country's first House rest of seafarers and "Singing" a monument to the sailors trawl fleet.

Tour starts from the cafe"Deli" (g-tsa "Azimut") Saturday / Sunday from 14 hours.

Custom tours of  e-mail - е911@yandex.ru

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